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who we work with

Who we Work With

we buy from

More specifically we can list these people and call them by their name. As presented in our Buyout sections, we buy from:

Thrift Stores

Estate Sales





Media Stores

Non Profit Thrifts, Individuals, Libraries, And Those with alot of stuff!

If you represent a thrift store and have the ability to negotiate deals for bulk media sales you are in the exact right place. 

We are looking for individuals and businesses who have a large amount of media. We want to work with those entities who are in a place where they are ready to have their excess donations or collections hauled off.

we work with:

As portrayed in our Fundraising section, with organizations in search of fundraising like:

  • Churches
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools

we donate to:

Anyone who might need or want it such as:

  • Youth groups
  • Community centers
  • Local shelters
  • Children´s Hospitals
  • Elderly Homes

*Plus we work with as many variations, combinations or similes to the above as possible!

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