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Horror Subscription Box

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Enjoy Horror for $29.99/mo

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You’re here because you love horror and you didn’t want any other genres included. We’ve heard your cries, screams, terrors, screeches, and… whining to bring you this horror 10-pack DVD box. 

Only Horror

what you get

tens of thousands of movies

Horror is all you'll receive. We have special shipments just to match your taste!

choose the genre of the box

Not in this nightmare.. all you'll get is the scary shit.

one-time boxes

Nope, you'll have to subscribe for this offer.

Bonus dvd each month

We'll still include an extra to cover any chance of receiving a duplicate title.

Curious what a box looks like? Check out these Unboxing Videos

you get to keep all of the movies forever! We have tens of thousands of DVDs to pick from and we will always do our best to keep you happy and subscribed.

Everything we send you is yours to keep forever! We have so many titles we hope to keep you enjoying movies for the next 50+ years!

You have friends right!? If you already have it we are guessing its because you like the title. Give it to someone you love!

In all seriousness though.. we are working on a new system that will allow us to scan in all of the movies we send you so we avoid sending duplicates. For now we send some extras in each of the boxes you receive. 

This is what would be considered a mystery box of movies. When you order we ask that you give us your preference on genre and with no time you will have a collection of movies you will love.

That’s the beauty of everything we do, it all includes free shipping in the cost of the box. Crazy affordable right? Its 2021 and a pack of 25 movies costs less than your shave box :)

- Steven Spielberg
American Film Director
– Roman Polanski
French-Polish Film Director

We currently serve all of the continental US. Basically anywhere we can send a media mail package with USPS we will ship and sell you a box.

After placing your order we typically ship within 72 hours. From there your box will take anywhere from 2-10 business days to arrive depending on how the post office is feeling that month. Sometimes shipping can take longer due to forces outside of our control.

Yes we check all of our discs prior to sending them out! We never ship discs with excessive scratches, dents or fingerprints. Just in case there are any movies missed we send out some extras in every box we ship.

Shoot an honest review with pictures or videos and tag @lovedagainmedia on Instagram or Facebook. Just to say thanks we will include some extra movies in your next box!

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