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Loved Again - Media Drive®

We all have unneeded media scattered around our homes.
Turn clutter into a fuel that can help benefit your organization!

Imagine kids delivering pamphlets asking for used books, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, and video games, in order to partner up with a company which would help them sell those (with all that it entails) and split the profits with them to help improve their respective organizations. We are that company and that exciting goal is what we strive for with our Media Drive® fundraising events. In essence, we provide the information and materials to help collect unused media so that your group can sell them and earn funds for your organization.

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart

– Jonathan Swift

Let's put power directly in the hands of those who need it.
But how?

From the moment you contact us we’ll begin to help you plan out your Media Drive®. Once we’ve established a timeframe and a basic plan we start working on raising awareness. We recommend a minimum of two weeks with as much as a month to gain traction with your organization’s members. We also routinely provide your organization with pamphlets to disburse and help promote the event. Then, we select a couple days where we will collect all donations. From there, Loved Again Media begins the sorting process.

The best of the inventory will be sold online over an extended period of time. After each event, your organization will receive a monthly check for half of the profits that sell over the time period of a year. The remainder of your donated inventory will be made available through a local sale (typically at your organizations location) where we will work to sell as much of the remains as possible. Anything left after this is either recycled or donated back to other organizations who can make use of the material.

This is the epitome of a win-win situation

Whether it is kids raising funds for their sports teams, teachers for their schools or parishioners for their churches, it is an efficient way to enable society from within by simply understanding the untapped potential of a community´s lying around unused media. 

If you find this as interesting and motivating as we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about your ideas. We are ready to discuss the potential of setting up a fundraising event and would gladly go through the process with you. 

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