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Media Haulaway and Donations

Media Haulaway/Donation (Books, CDs, DVDs)

large scale media haulaways

We work with a variety of thrift stores, libraries, and individuals for large scale media haulaways. Depending on the type of media you have and in what condition we in some cases will pay you for the material that you have depending on our current demand or need for material. We only accept unsorted bulk lots and do not accept what would have already been picked through by other potential online resellers.

We take care with the media that we do purchase or haulaway to make sure that we reduce as much landfill as we possibly can. We work with local schools, elderly homes, thrift markets, recycling centers, etcetera before we send anything to landfill. 


We buy all types of media but prefer Non-Fiction titles.


We pay well for recent College Textbooks.


Have thousands of books, CDs or DVDs to liquidate? We’ll buy them by the pound.

There´s no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere

― Annie Leonard

More specifically we donate to:

  • Old folks homes 
  • Home school centers 
  • Disabled American Veterans 
  • Goodwill 
  • Recycling Centers
  • Local libraries
  • Children’s hospitals
  • YMCA

We accept most donations and buy a wide variety of books and media including:

  • DVDs, CDs, and Blurays
  • Non-fiction and fantasy titles
  • Textbooks
  • Recent encyclopedias and Time-Life series
  • Audiobooks
  • Vinyl records

We typically do not accept donations that consist strictly of; fiction books, mass market paperbacks, children’s books, classical music LPs, VHS, or magazines. We do often see these items mixed in with other material that we do accept, but we will not be able to make cash offers for this type of material. We may however in some cases offer a haulaway. 

A few examples of regular vendors:

  • Book Stores with surplus inventory
  • Libraries with discards & weeds
  • Estate Sale Operators 
  • Thrift Stores with too much overflow
  • Closing video rental stores

We do our best to ensure that every last bit of material that can be processed and repurposed is.  In that way we keep it as clean and sustainable as possible. 

Do you have material you’d like us to look at? Submit the form below or call us!

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