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Video Store Buyouts

Video Store Buyouts

CD's and DVD's - Let their story continue

The new digitalized world did a number on everything we today call “vintage” like CD´s, DVD´s, and Records. There is a treasure trove of collectors out there looking to add to their collection. We’re not all fans of paying $5 to rent a digital version of a movie for 24 hours. There are lots of us buying physical copies just to have them.

When DVDs finally disappear, I'm going to be sad. I'll miss
the commentaries

― Matt Groening

We know that as well as how to avoid it

Let us help you sell all of your useful media to places where it´s still needed and valued. Your video store has probably recently gone through some tough times and we’re looking to create a mutually beneficial situation between your company and ours. 

Through efficiency, practicality and all around positive measures we’ll ensure we don’t make waste out of something someone else might need or want. Whether our initial inventory assessment determines we can make a purchase offer, we would almost always accept donations and are definitely always available to consider your case. So, don´t hesitate to contact us!

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